24 juin 2014

MAISON AFRIKI / Afriki House

Toujours pour Numä!
Always for Numä!

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Anonyme a dit…

Great work! Ýou should definately show some more activity on youtube though :D I'd really like to see how you sketch something like the image below... The red fast lines and the clean black lines on top. I bet I'm not the only one interested in seeing you draw. Keep up the great work!

THierry Miniatures a dit…

Dans la même lignée que le dernier..... j adore !

Charlène Le Scanff a dit…

@Anonyme: Thank you very much! Yeah, I know I should show more WIP on Youtube, but I don't find a good free soft for iMac to make videos. But I'll try to find a solution!
@Thierry: Merci beaucoup!

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